This system allows us to track customer POs at the item level and project level from the time we receive the PO via our EDI system until destination.

This system has a unique BROWSER TECHNOLOGY that enables a customer to view the status of their POs, warehouse, shipments and any other related information to their shipment from their smart device without installing any special software on their smart device (it’s not an APP as APPS require downloading them and installing them).

Simply, the customer goes to the browser of their smart device and types in the IP address of our server and our system prompts for user id and password we assigned to the customer and all the information comes up in REAL TIME.

The customer can view or print any of their information but cannot edit anything.

The customer can view all their information, any time, from anywhere in the World, all through their smart devices.

This extends the office of the customer to all over the World thus making the customer more efficient and more productive.

The following are some of the features of PACK-EASY™:

  • Purchase orders can be received electronically and are maintained in real web based environment.
  • Expediting by date required and date promised provides customers with timely shipments, accurate schedules and properly managed warehouses.
  • Warehouse managed efficiently using bar-coding and/or RFID technology and producing material receipts.
  • Packing done by radio frequency using bar-coding and/or RFID technology eliminating costly incorrect shipments to the wrong place and/or wrong customer.
  • Produce export packing lists, commercial invoices, containerized packing list, dock delivery forms, inventory reports and much more.
  • Web-based and browser enabled system allows your employees and your customers in REAL TIME to view the status of their POs and shipments from anywhere in the world using any standard Internet browser from any device without installing and maintaining special software on that device.

PACK-EASY™ is web-based. Our clients can view material receipts, packing lists, and other important data about their shipments in real time. Clients (and your sales, warehouse, and office staff) can access data safely and easily anywhere in the world, as if they were sitting in our office. PACK-EASY™ keeps your company open for business 24 hours every day. Appropriate levels of secure access to data are provided to clients and staff instantly.

The PACK-EASY™ Program Generator lets us produce custom inquiries and reports quickly and easily for our clients and your staff—without the expense of hiring a computer programmer—by pointing and clicking on any field on the screen. The Program Generator significantly reduces your monthly computer expenses.

PACK-EASY™ is integrated with Microsoft® products seamlessly, letting you send data directly to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and your e-mail program or fax program. With PACK-EASY , any document or report can be sent to Microsoft Windows® programs (such as Word), then e-mailed or faxed to any client. Data can be created and sent just as easily and quickly in EDI format or PDF format.